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Pullover Cardigan Summer and Spring Collection Polo Sweater
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Pullover Cardigan Summer and Spring Collection Sleeveless Vest
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Pullover Cardigan Sleeveless Vest Sweater Jacket/Coat
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Men Women Kids Unisex
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In today competitive marketplace, no garment business can afford to miss an opportunity to improve return on investment. Partnering with a reliable manufacturing partner create significant benefits that can help reduce time and costs while at the same time increase return on investment. This is where JMSWEATER can help. We offer our customers a “one-stop solution” service from product design, material sourcing, to final production. This saves time as well as cost and most importantly, strengthens our relationship and confidence with our customers. Our factory is located in Guangdong China, our products are knitwear ranging from 1.5 to 18 gauges in, jacquard, intasia, flat b...

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