Any problem for creating new styles for kids sweater? Look at here

Are you still having problem of what kids-sweater to buy for kids? Check here, we can give you answer.


This sweater referred to 1990’s design style. Big size and square outline make the girl looks like the girl next door.

Through bright color, thick yarn and bold prints, you can see old fashion.

Cable rib

Kids in traditional thick cable knitwear looks small and cute.

Both dusky pink and white soft sweater have added qualities.

cable sweater

Bigger and thicker cable takes the place of Classic county style and Aaron knitwear

Compare with traditional style, modern style is the best choice, while the detail of the side row is the key. You could choose a nice cable sweater by using angola yarn 

Individual pattern

Theme with strange and bold animal pattern is getting popular again.  Surprising color combination also brings new ideas.

Bold double-color design, Avant-garde pattern and ingenious sleeves are all current most popular sweater design.

Digitization and intelligence design

The intelligent design of the sweater circle can rapidly evolve into a variety of fashion and beauty, and also has the feasibility of production design.

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JMSWEATER is a professional sweater manufacturer that various sweaters are available to be customized as your requirements. There are many new designs release each season.

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